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Returning an item? Here is the procedure:

We have a 7 day return policy from date of delivery whereby if you are not happy with your purchase

you are welcome to report to Customer Support on and on agreement return 

the item as long as the following criteria are met:

  1. Return with proof of purchase that is the reciept and delivery note handed over to you on delivery of the purchased item.
  2. The packaging has to be intact and in the original condition it came with.
  3. Any free promotional item, gift or accessories should be returned along with the relevant product.
  4. Delivery charges on this particular instance will not be refunded by Sokozon Deliveryand cost of retun delivery will be paid by the customer

On agreement with the purchaser we may offer an alternative product of equal or higher value with an additional cost difference of the product and a new delivery.

Although we are happy to accomodate our customers in an instance they need to return a purchased item we do not accept the following items:

  1. Clothes
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Hairbands
  4. Inflatables
  5. Other Personal Use Items

For such a purchase please inspect the item on delivery and if you are not satisfied with the product please do not accept the item and return it with Sokozon Delivery as at that time. 

If at the time of delivery you find an item damaged or with missing parts please mention it to a member of Sokozon Delivery and do not accept the delivery. In such an instance no delivery charges will be applicable and the full cost of the item and delivery will be refunded or a replacement delivered within 24-48 hours upon agreement with the buyer. 

What happens after an item has been returned and received by Sokozon Ltd:

  1. A quality check of the product will be performed by one of the members of the Sokozon Ltd team.
  2. If the claim is valid we shall refund you with the purchase payment method you used within 7 working days of your product being received by Sokozon Ltd.
  3. If the claim is deemed invalid the purchaser will be contacted by Customer Support in order to arrange for a re-delivery or an exchange for an alternative product. Please note re-delivery charges will have to be paid by the purchaser in such an instance.
  4. We will keep a record of return requests and use the information to serve our appreciated customers better and those with repeat unjustified or invalid returns may not be eligible to order items with a pay on delivery option.

Although we would never wish for your purchased product to develop a fault we would be very happy to assist in the following instances:

  • Products within the warranty period will be repaired free of charge if a manufacturing fault develops in which case contact Customer Support on and it will be replied to within 24-48 hours of a working day period.
  • The products under warranty shall be delivered by the customers preferred mode of delivery to Sokozon Ltd with the copies of the purchase reciepts, delivery note and warranty card accompanying the product.
  • Once the product is checked and the fault is diagnosed the customer will be contacted by Customer Support on the outcome and how it would be resolved in terms of repair or exchange of the product.
  • Where a faulty product requires a spare part which needs to be imported a maximum time of 2 months will be given to Sokozon Ltd to order and get a delivery of the spare part after which the product will be repaired and sent to the customer on agreement by Sokozon Delivery.
  • Where a faulty product is not repairable from a manufacturing defect an exchange of the similar or equivalent product will be offered to the customer.
  • Please note rechargeable or non rechargeable batteries are  not within the warranty of a product.

 Please note if a product returned has been mishandled or damaged by the customer during the warranty period Sokozon Ltd will not be responsible for the repair or exchange of the product although if repairable a cost will be agreed with the customer and the repair duly carried out and a delivery charge by Sokozon Ltd will be implemented for the return of the repaired product.

Any item sent back according to the terms above will be sent back to the business address on the contact page on agreement between a member of customer service team of Sokozon Ltd and the customer after which the progress will be reported to the customer by Customer Support and the preferred way of the customers communication.

The customer tracking his return can contact Customer Support on and will be replied to within 48 hours of a working day period.

Returning a non faulty item after the 7 day period:

  • In a case where a customer was not able to return an item within a 7 day period from delivery please contact customer service on and explain the reason and we may be able to assist by agreeing for a return within a further 7 days. This will be at the disgression of the customer service member of Sokozon Ltd and the validity of the reason given.

For any inquiries or further explanation we shall be happy to reply on any queries to within a 48 hour period from reciept of email.




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